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Why a couple of days a week Sports

Experts always give advice on sports for several days a week. So why do you need sports for a few days a week? When we investigated the answer to this question, the following conclusions emerged that are plausible: Sporting, especially walking in the open air or exercising, has a positive impact on the mental health […]

Effect on Muscles of Sports

Sports is an activity that balances many things in the body and reduces the risk of disease. The effect on the muscles of the sport is also great. In order to have a more flexible muscle structure it is necessary to do sports. Muscles that are strengthened with sports are becoming healthier. Having more flexible […]

Athlete’s Nutritional Protein

It is known that people who exercise are always taking protein supplements, such as high protein milk. Protein intake in the diet of an athlete is extremely important. It is emphasized that everyone who sports and exert effort should not eat or drink protein after sports, even if it is not a national athlete. Protein […]

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