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Sporcard’s Valuable Views From Our Solution Partners

The new address for fitness enthusiasts Flamingo Gym The word. Flamingo, comes from the Spanish word ”flamenco” which means fire. Meaning is related to the bright color of bird feathers. Here is the Flamingo GYM exactly by making the name; offers you an unusual and quality service in terms of aesthetics and service. Let’s look […]

Why is warming up motion important?

The warm-up movements speed up the heart and circulation system gradually to prepare the body for physical exhaustion. During warm-up, heart rate increases and circulation accelerates. Thus, the amount of oxygen that reaches the muscles increases, the body temperature increases. This helps the muscles to increase flexibility and work more efficiently. Exercise-intense initiation causes sudden […]

Which breakfast will be good for you?

In winter there is something that makes Ayurveda’s nourishing food even more attractive. We also love the functioning of this old system, which aims to run everyone’s original work by detecting a dominant form. According to Acharya Shunya, the author of the book, Aya, is an internationally recognized Ayurvedic healer and Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom: A […]

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