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Sporcard’s Valuable Views From Our Solution Partners

The new address for fitness enthusiasts Flamingo Gym

The word. Flamingo, comes from the Spanish word ”flamenco” which means fire. Meaning is related to the bright color of bird feathers. Here is the Flamingo GYM exactly by making the name; offers you an unusual and quality service in terms of aesthetics and service. Let’s look at these living centers where you can enjoy sports with the alternatives offered and the special gym privileges for women.

In short, Flamingo GYM started its activities with the Fındıkzade branch in 1997 and has continued its activities since the establishment of quality. Now there are 5 halls in Istanbul, 3 of which are private for women. Flamingo Gym has been combining the resistance and success of the sector with the advanced technologies of its solution partners for more than 25 years, making the facilities more efficient and successful.

Offering a fully equipped and complete working environment in all halls, the hall also provides a successful service with its professional instructor staff. The sports club, which has been growing with its Girlstone, Haseki, Bahçelievler and Teknopark branches, is planning to expand its branch with its well-equipped halls and experienced trainers with its facility planning, training and performance improvement consultancy services.

The motto of the hall is kadar kadar With the state-of-the-art sports equipment and the expert instructors in the field, reaching the wonderful body of your dreams is now as far from your home as our branches ‘Salon. So if your goal is to benefit from sports, Flamingo GYM has a branch close to you!

Equipped with the most professional equipment of its class, you can increase your energy and also have fun by participating in many different group courses in the wide study areas as well as in Fitness and Cardio areas. Before and after the training, you can provide a variety of snacks from the cafe section, and relax your body before and after training in the sauna and steam room.


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